two or three days

Photos are being taken, but school is going to monopolize the majority of my time for the next few days. New pictures to be posted after I regain my immortal soul.

flag football


 I’m not extremely happy with this, but it is one of three pictures that I’ve taken today. If I manage to manifest a better photo later tonight, I may put that up.




If you like — color

sander on saturday


friday on campus

muffins/in the kitchen


growth, becoming


I have been absent, but I am back. Once again, I hope to make something. For awhile, it may just be images. Risking utter cliché, I may undertake a photo-of-the-day archive. This will more or less force me both to post and to take photos.

Having neglected photography for some time, I am forced to begin with a photo from this past summer. This was taken somewhere in Magnolia, and I feel that it serves as a fitting descriptor of the future: growth. I am Hegelian; I am becoming.


Someday, this may be worthwhile, like old records and thoughts so far removed that they become educational. In ten, twenty, thirty years, when everyone finally grows up, it will be good to look back, profitable. Possibly. I make music and have a compulsion for making everything in my iTunes library lower case. I look at people when they speak. And I could choose to be any one of a million things, but I will always end up presenting whatever drives me – whether that be soul or mind or biological programming.

There is no set direction for this. It will be thoughts, music, language, and, without any doubt, opinion. It will be something.

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